I’m sorry….did you say Autism?

“Autism spectrum disorder is a serious neurodevelopmental disorder that impairs a child’s ability to communicate and interact with others. It also includes restricted repetitive behaviors, interests and activities.” ~Mayo Clinic Staff At my sons 5 year appointment I was hit like a truck with a question from his pediatrician.  A question, while I had somewhat anticipated coming, I was still…

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Holy Goats!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin HOLY GOAT! So if I don’t already have enough on my plate as a work at home mother of three….I decided to add goats to the mix.   Why Goats, you ask? Well my husband and I wanted something small that we could keep nearby in our yard, unlike our other larger livestock, so that…

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Springtime on the farm

So as you can see in my About page we have a small small piece of land out on the plains of Colorado.  It is a beautiful place, made that way mostly because my mother in law and father in law have the most amazing green thumbs you will ever see.  Better Homes and Gardens would be amazed at some of…

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