Springtime on the farm

So as you can see in my About page we have a small small piece of land out on the plains of Colorado.  It is a beautiful place, made that way mostly because my mother in law and father in law have the most amazing green thumbs you will ever see.  Better Homes and Gardens would be amazed at some of the
gardens around our property. But my favorite time of year is the time of year that is fast approaching.


Spring on our little plot of land brings new excitement with each day.  Baby chicks in the warming pen, the anticipation as we wait for spring calves and the arrival of piglets.  Mom’s seeds starting to grow in thier little containers, praire grass turning from the sandy brown that it has been for so long to a beautiful green.  The kids start getting spring fever and want to be outside in the dirt.  The birds have returned and greet each day with thier song, thunderstorm season is around the bend and life….well life springs out everywhere bringing new hope.

Spring holidays are among the best and soon we will be getting ready for St. Patricks day and Easter and gathering family around the table to share in the love and laughter and the joy of being together.  The food will be amazing and the company even better.  Spring is not the only thing I love about our farm but the love, support and caring of all of our family.  Family is such an imporant part of our life and something we don’t take for granted.

I love springtime on our farm….it is my favorite time of the year.  I wish you a wonderful and joyful spring!

The 226 Mommy

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